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a sapphire caseback gives your high-quality watch a stylish and sophisticated appearance. A transparent back allows you to view the inside of your watch and admire the intricacy of the internal mechanics.

A sapphire caseback allows you to look directly at the movement of the watch and see how precisely it is running. Checking the accuracy of your watch is an important habit to ensure it is always performing at its best.

Originality: Using the Custom Watch Concepts sapphire caseback ensures that the design is perfectly matched to your watch and there are no compatibility issues. In addition, the appearance of your watch is not changed.

Rarity: Sapphire caseback are usually rare and not found in every high-quality watch. So if you own a glass back watch, you increase the rarity and collectible value of your watch, making it even more valuable.

Quality "Made in Germany": Our Sapphire Casebacks are manufactured in Germany, where strict quality controls are carried out to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

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